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What a great opportunity to re-connect, reminisce, see how much has changed, been accomplished, and in general just have a great time. We need to know you are coming to properly plan our event and you can not only register, but also prepay for the Breakfast. We coordinate our annual meeting and reunion with the official SUNY Delhi Alumni Weekend to assure that your weekend is value-packed so please be sure to get yourself registered with the college for housing and their Alumni Weekend package opportunities too. See you soon...

Registered Attendees

Rocco Battista
Christian Benavedies
Manny Birittieri
Louis Cooper
Corey Decker
Joseph Finegan
Jeff Gelinas
Robert Hayward
Danny Hernandez
Arnold Katz
David Leonardo
Bob McAleavey
Brian Meszaros
Tom Milgate
Zachary Miller
Corey Olsen
Robert Plaut
Patrick Terrell
Patrick Terrell
Arnold Weisshaar