Jamie Johnson President

Jamie Johnson, President

Fall 2015, "Dairy Queen"

I attend SUNY Delhi's Hotel & Resort Management Program. When I first walked onto campus I never imagined that I would think about joining a fraternity. That was, until I met the amazing Brothers of Kappa Sigma Epsilon. They made me see myself in ways that I never thought I would. They overall changed my whole life and I don't think I will ever find a proper way to thank them for that. It feels amazing to be a part of such a devoted "Men for Other's" organization! Kappa Rules!!!

Corey Olsen Vice President

Corey Olsen, Vice President

Fall 2014,

I currently study automotive technology at SUNY Delhi. I joined Kappa Sigma Epsilon because of the way the actives and alumni treated me when I met them, it made me feel as if I was already a friend and hopefully pledging to be a brother. Joining the greatest fraternity in the world has been one of the best experiences and achievements in my life, no regrets! I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of college as a member of KΣE. It’s truly an honor and won’t ever forget Kappa Rules!!!

Dominic Artuso Secretary

Dominic Artuso, Secretary

Fall 2016, "Rearview"

Dominic Artuso here... My major is Hotel Management. It is great to be a Brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon. My experiences so far have been amazing and I'm proud to be a member of this awesome “Men for Others!” fraternity. KΣE for life!!!

Nick Policastro Treasurer

Nick Policastro, Treasurer

Fall 2016, "Beast Boy"

I come from a small town south of Albany, in Columbia County, New York. I am here at SUNY Delhi for Culinary Arts and will graduate with my Associate's in the Spring '17 and then my Bachelor's in the Spring '19. One of the things I appreciate the most about KΣE is always having brothers who treat each other with respect and offer a helping hand when needed.  KAPPA RULES!!!

Dan Rypl Sergeant at Arms

Dan Rypl, Sergeant at Arms

Spring 2016, "The Blacksmith"

My current education is in the mechatronics program at SUNY Delhi. I was never really motivated to join a “frat”, but then I learned the true meaning of brotherhood while being around the brothers of Kappa Sigma Epsilon. We are not a “frat”!!! We are a fraternity committed to being a "Men for Others!" organization. Our brotherhood is a lifetime bond. I have "No Regrets" for joining Kappa Sigma Epsilon. KAPPA RULES!!!

Sean Walpole House Manager

Sean Walpole, House Manager

Spring 2016, "Versace"

I am a freshman in the Mechatronics program at SUNY Delhi. Coming to college I really wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself, Kappa Sigma Epsilon allowed me to do so. I love helping others and being around like minded people is inspiring. Deciding to pledge Kappa Sigma Epsilon was easily the best decision I have made in college. "Men for Others!"... KAPPA RULLES!!!

Nick Lane Pledge Master

Nick Lane, Pledge Master

Fall 2015, "Ole McDonald"

Hey my name is Nick Lane, I'm studying mechatronics at SUNY Delhi and I'll be here for four years. At first I wasn’t going to pledge or really had no interest in it at all until I met all the brothers. They really all are something else I’m glad to be part of the best fraternity ever! Kappa Rules!!!

Ryan Lansing Assistant Pledge Master

Ryan Lansing, Assistant Pledge Master

Fall 2016, "Petrie"

I pledged for KΣE because I realized that this "Men For Others!" organization took brotherhood very seriously.  The amount of respect every brother has for each other simply can't be found on any college campus.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to encounter such a great group of guys.  They have helped me gain so much confidence in myself and have motivated me to reach for greater things in both college and in life. Nobody does it better than we do!  KAPPA RULES!!!

Matt Vopat Greek Council Representative | Risk Manager

Matt Vopat, Greek Council Representative | Risk Manager

Spring 2017, "The Big Show"

KΣE has been a great experience so far! I pledged because I saw the brotherhood shared among its members. Every brother of KΣE has each other's back through thick and thin! That's a hard quality to find these days. I am very proud to be a brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon! KAPPA RULES!!! 

Mitchell White Community Service Representative

Mitchell White, Community Service Representative

Spring 2017, "Moose"

I never thought about joining Greek life much but when I transferred to SUNY Delhi and met the Brothers of Κappa Sigma Epsilon I knew that it was a fraternity I had to become a member of. It feels great to be apart of such a committed "Men for Others!" organization such as this.  Kappa Rules!!!

Rusty Herrington Chaplain

Rusty Herrington, Chaplain

Spring 2017, "Slick"

When I first stepped foot on campus I had no idea of what to expect and never really reached out to make new friends. Greek life wasn't really a big thought in my mind I had mixed feelings about it. But I started seeing the brothers around campus and pretty soon my good friend down the hall pledged for KΣE and it really inspired me to take the steps toward becoming a brother of such a professional fraternity. Being a brother of this "Men for Others" organization means more to me than just wearing letters, its always knowing someone has your back, it's how I bleed black and white and how I fight like a lion.  Kappa Rules!!!

Wyatt Dates Quartermaster

Wyatt Dates, Quartermaster

Spring 2017, "Frodo"

I would have never imagined that I would ever pledge for a Fraternity, but that changed when I met the brothers of Kappa Sigma Epsilon. The fact that they give so much back to the community, and are some of the best guys I’ve ever meet is what drew me to this organization. I’ve grown as a person, and learned the true meaning of brotherhood. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of KΣEKAPPA RULES!!!

Sam Polastri Historian

Sam Polastri, Historian

Fall 2016, "Donny Thornberry"

Currently I am a freshman in the construction management program at SUNY Delhi. In all my years I would've never thought that I'd be in a Fraternity. But the night I met some of the brothers of KΣE, and saw what they had going it completely changed my mind. I will never regret that decision! I am very happy to be a part of such a devoted “Men For Others” Organization! NO REGRETS… KAPPA RULES!!!

Ian Harrington

Ian Harrington

Fall 2014, "Shakira"

Being a brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon has been nothing short of perfection. I have always thrived off of doing good for others and making others happy, so I knew I would fit well in this organization. I had great relationships with the actives prior to pledging, and now I am grateful to call them my brothers. I have become so much more confident in myself and my abilities, and I owe it all to Kappa Sigma Epsilon. No one, including myself, ever thought I would be interested in Greek life, but I’m unbelievably proud that I chose this path. Kappa Rules!!!

Nick Carrazzone

Nick Carrazzone

Fall 2016, "Smooth Criminal"

I attended the SUNY Delhi welding program . I pledged KΣE to become part of something bigger. I also found the brothers are truly committed to being a "Men for Others!" organization. I enjoyed being around the guys and they were always welcoming. I am proud that I can call myself a brother of KΣE. NO REGRETS! KAPPA RULES!!!

Adam Galbraith

Adam Galbraith

Spring 2017, "Gump"

After coming to Delhi I felt that I needed to be apart of something bigger than me, Kappa Sigma Epsilon gave me the opportunity to give back to community and build a brotherhood bond that will last a lifetime! KAPPA RULES!!!

Barry Hagan

Barry Hagan

Spring 2017, "Mclovin"

In all my years I would've never thought that I'd be in a Fraternity. But the night I met some of the brothers of KΣE, and saw what they had going it completely changed my mind. I will never regret that decision! I am very happy to be a part of such a devoted “Men For Others” organization! NO REGRETS…  KAPPA RULES!!!

Brian Meszaros

Brian Meszaros

Spring 2017, "Squidward"

If you know me then you know I’m not the type to join a fraternity, but when I met the brothers of KΣE I knew I was in the right place! All the Brothers were really inviting and I was impressed with their commitment to community service, which I love to do. I can’t wait to dive into future endeavors with my brothers... KAPPA RULES!!!

Jack O'Flynn

Jack O'Flynn

Fall 2016, "Beanstalk"

I attend SUNY Delhi’s Plumbing and Heating program. Coming to college I would have never thought of joining a fraternity, but it was one the best decisions I have ever made. I got to know the brothers of Kappa Sigma Epsilon and from then on I knew I had a new home. I am excited for the years to come as a brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon. KAPPA RULES!!!

Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro Sanchez

Spring 2017, "The Butcher"

My first semester I didn't have half a mind for joining a fraternity. But, then I got to know some of the KΣE brothers and they showed me how great their values and brotherly connection was. It was a fun experience being pledged and it feels amazing to be a KΣE brother. I can say this was a life changing experience.  KAPPA RULES!!!

Steven Wichik

Steven Wichik

Spring 2017, "Lemon Head"

When I first came to SUNY Delhi, I hadn't really thought about joining a fraternity. However, I soon realized what KΣE had to offer and I knew I wanted to be a brother. I am proud to be apart of such a devoted “Men for Others!” organization! KAPPA RULES!!!