Welcome to Kappa Sigma Epsilon at SUNY Delhi!

A "Men for Others!" Organization

Kappa Sigma Epsilon is a group of men that work together through a shared vision and principles to achieve their goals. We are a Fraternal Order dedicated to being a "Men for Others!" organization.

Membership in Kappa Sigma Epsilon provides our active chapter member with leadership and fellowship opportunities otherwise not had on a college campus.  Kappa Sigma Epsilon encourages an extremely active and diverse social process for its' members, providing a lifelong bond nurtured by experiences that are a by-product of our values and approach to embracing the best that life has to offer.

If you are looking to make a difference in life, and have a great time doing it, then check out… Kappa Sigma Epsilon.

KΣE Seal

Why Choose
Kappa Sigma Epsilon?

Established in 1960 Kappa Sigma Epsilon is one of the oldest Fraternities on campus.

We returned to the Delhi campus from a 30 year gap stronger than ever.

We are all about integrated individuality. Our members are diverse and unique. That said, when it counts, we come together as one to make a difference.

Anyone is welcome! A brother of Kappa Sigma Epsilon is not judged by race, religion, orientation or beliefs. Come as you are.

We feature a robust Alumni that supports us at every turn. Our current overall membership is made up of over 400 brothers. It's awesome when you need to network, especially when entering the job market, or just looking for answers from someone whose been there before.

Kappa Sigma Epsilon is always looking to help out the college and the community, if you like community service and giving back, then look no further.

We are currently renting our own fraternity house, but our alumni brothers are in the process of looking for our own home.

The Kappa Sigma Epsilon Alumni have developed an incentive scholarship program that all active brothers qualify for that is based on points earned for GPA, community service, recruitment, and fundraising.